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Back Pain

Chiropractic care helps eliminate back pain.

Neck Pain

Many adults suffer from neck pain. Chiropractic care can help.

Auto Accidents

Everyone who drives a car or rides in a vehicle can experience pain from an accident at least once.


Cephalalgia, commonly known as a headache, can affect nearly all americans. Before you pop a pill to treat a headache, consider a natural approach.


When a nerve root is compressed, communications are shut off from the brain and spinal cord.

Work Injuries

Chiropractor Monroeville, Dr. Pirollo, can help you with your work injury.

Disc Pain

Disc pain can be treated in a number of ways. Try starting with chiropractic as your first approach.

Pinched Nerve

Think you may have a pinched nerve? The simplest method of treatment is chiropractic.


Monroeville chiropractor, Dr. Pirollo, is here to help you with a number of pains and ailments!

Chiropractor Monroeville

We are eager to welcome you to our chiropractic office. We are so committed to community health in Monroeville, and even more dedicated to your specific needs and ailments, that we are on the edge of our seats awaiting each new chiropractic patient. That could be you!

We Can Handle Your Pain For Good! If you have back pain Monroeville Doctor of Chiropractic, Michael Pirollo, not only provides great chiropractic care, but he actually provides better health. Dr. Pirollo cares about your wellness goals and overall health. Dr. Pirollo’ chiropractic skills are furthered by his years in the field. We are driven to service in Monroeville, PA.

It is no matter the level of pain you are experiencing, or how old you are, or what your job is, if you are looking for a “chiropractor near me,” Pirollo Chiropractic is the safest place to be. All the factors weighing against your body are NO MATCH for what our unique chiropractic services and massage therapy can do to support your body. Pain will be a distant memory, after our expert yet gentle chiropractic care. Do you have neck pain Monroeville? Not anymore you don’t!

monroeville chiropractor educationSo how do we do it? Well, simply put, we are equipped with cutting edge chiropractic tools and skills and experience. This is, some might say, the trifecta of complete chiropractic preparation and capability. The ease and gentleness with which we treat our chiropractic patients is unmatched and generally incomparable in the medical field. When you become a chiropractic patient here, you’ll see why all our other chiropractic patients are so satisfied with their care, and so much better off as a result of that. Truly, that’s what we WANT. We want your health. We want your happiness. Why would we go into this business if not for you??

Our approach is simple, really. We fight for our chiropractic patients’ wellness through every means possible, whether it’s nutritional counseling, chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy. To do that, we get to know your needs and work to find out where we fit in, and how to suit you. The best way for us to do that – to truly fit into your life – is to service you naturally. We don’t infiltrate your life with heavy drugs and injections and surgeries. Instead, we bring joy and peace and comfort through the gentlest, easiest care you could imagine. You’ve seen nothing like us yet.

Michael Pirollo DC, the talented Monroeville chiropractic provider, looks forward to having you!

Answers to your questions and more info on care for first any timers can be found by calling our friendly staff. Don’t wait — Call us! Schedule your chiropractic adjustment or massage today!


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